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Measures to protect our customers against Covid-19

Trendless has carried out a thorough assessment of our routines to ensure that we do not infect customers through their delivery of goods.


Is the product manufactured in a "clean zone"?

The raw material is produced in polypropylene film, and comes from suppliers that are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSSC 22000. At the factory, the film is cut and loaded under the cleanest conditions according to strict guidelines set by the Finnish government and THL's instructions for Covid-19.


Is the transport "clean"?

We use DHL and Rett Hjem, which are committed to "Safety First" and follow strict rules regarding social distancing and hygienic etiquette. Trendless Norway has ensured that only essential personnel have access to the goods, and FHI's requirements for infection control are followed when packing and dispatching.


NB! For larger deliveries, we can offer better prices, but the delivery time may be somewhat longer.

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