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Are you frustrated with post-its that curl, fall off and have to be lifted off to move around?

Flow is an innovation of the 60-year-old post-it note, with many new uses

Catch the attention!

FlowNotes sticks to almost all surfaces, it hangs completely flat and looks fantastic wherever it is used. This is thanks to the statically charged surface which means that it does not need glue to stick.


They are perfect for workshops, mind maps, innovation work and for mapping processes. We believe they are a perfect fit for LEAN processes. Start-ups, consultancies and companies with a sense of development will particularly benefit from our Flow Notes.

Flow Note's colored side is a smooth, shiny surface that makes your handwriting look amazing, while the back is erasable and reusable. It can be used both ways.


This is a Trendless and professional post-it that is 100% recyclable


Sven Richard Tønnessen, Head of TINE's Technology lab, TINE SA

The "worst" part about Flow Notes is that the workshop participants spend just as much time commenting on how fantastic these notes are, as actually participating in the workshop

Berta Lende Røed, CEO Fuelbox

Flow Notes works perfect in our workshops for leaders. They are easy to distribute and optimal when participants need to stack notes on top of each other.

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